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2019 Chili Cook off Registration

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2019 Chili Cook off Rules

Entrants will abide by the following rules. Submission of entry form constitutes as agreement to follow rules:

1. An individual or group/business/organization may enter their chili.

2. Entrant will bring a minimum of 6qt of their chili to the Cashton Community Hall between 4:30pm-5pm on Friday February 15th.

3. Chili must be brought to the Community Hall in a Crockpot or similar heating device with a lid.

4. Chili must arrive hot and ready to serve. 140 degree F minimum. Crockpot must be functioning and able to keep chili appropriately heated for duration of event.

5.Contest is anonymous, chilis must be named by the entrant. Name must not reveal who made the chili. Prize is awarded for "Best Recipe Name," so get creative! Names must be family friendly.

6. Entrants must return at 8pm to retrieve their chili and Crockpot. Organizers are not responsible for Crockpots and other supplies that are unclaimed at the end of the night.

7. Entrants are required to submit a list of common allergens in their recipe. This event is inclusive, and individuals with allergies may be present. Read all labels for all items used to create your chili. Meats, seasoning packets, and other ingredients may contain allergens. Please contact Carolyn with any questions or for assistance determining allergens in your recipe:

8. Upon arrival to drop off chili, entrants will be asked to provide their chili recipe name, spice-level (scale of "not spicy" to 5 flames), and list of possible allergens in their chili. Scenic Bluffs volunteers will fill out a name card for the chili and get the Crockpot set up for tasting. Entrants are not to serve their chili, but are welcome to stay, mingle, and taste!

9. Entrants, organizers, and volunteers are allowed to taste the chili but are not eligible to vote.

10. Tasting bowls, spoons, and beverages will be provided. Entrant need only provide chili, Crockpot, and aforementioned name/allergen information.

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