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Growing Cashton


With the development of the Highway 33 corridor into our community along with the continuing business growth and expansion of our school system, Cashton leaders intend to be very progressive in growing our community for our citizens.  We have been named a "Connect Community" by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and look forward to working with their staff and utilizing their resources so we can reach our goals.


Downtowns and urban commercial districts play an important role in their communities and in Wisconsin’s overall economy, functioning not only as prominent employment and business centers, but often times standing as the historic foundation of the municipalities they serve. They are the center of local government, providing a meeting place for the community.


These places where people congregate to do business, attend events, or simply enjoy contact with their neighbors add vitality to an area that improves the quality of life for

residents and visitors.  Successful commercial districts don’t just happen. They need to be planned and nurtured. Their prosperity requires interest and action from many stakeholders who share a vision for the community.


Where do you start? Who needs to be involved? What resources will be required to succeed?  These questions and more form the basis of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation’s (WEDC’s) Connect Communities Program which Cashton is proud to be part of.

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