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Cashton Middle School News

With the start of a new school year comes a new Middle School News Team! This year looks promising for us, and we can’t wait to get back into bringing the public inside our school walls. We will publish monthly articles in the Cashton Record, allowing us as students to get involved in the community and improve our writing skills


This year is made of primarily 8th graders who took the initiative of signing up and recruiting others. The students complete all of these articles on their own time and peer review each other. The writing process is a complicated task and these students are taking the initiative in becoming better writers. The students will be publishing once every month in the Cashton Record and online via


On behalf of all of us here at the news team, welcome to another year of Middle School News Nest. Thank you for reading; we hope you enjoy!

News Nest - September 2017

  • Cashton 7/8th grade Volleyball

  • Larry Long

  • Agriculture Exchange Project

  • Sixth Grade Transition

News Nest - May 2017

  • 8th Grade Leadership

  • A Honor Roll Field Trip

  • 7th grade locker renonvation

  • Roadside clean up

News Nest - April 2017

  • The K-9 unit: Deputy Geier and Keltin

  • Choir trip

  • New Track Season Comes to a Start

  • New Staff

  • Junior Acheivement Technical Careers Challenge

News Nest - March 2017

  • Green Screen

  • 7th Grade Science Fair

  • Solo & Ensemble

  • 7th Grade Menu Book Club

News Nest - Winter 2017

  • Middle School Dance

  • Show Choir

  • Flexible Seating

News Nest - November 2016

  • 7th Grade Editorial Cartoon

  • FBLA Co-Presidents

  • Cross Country

  • Gaming Club

News Nest - November 2016 Activities Continued

  • Fall Musical

  • Western Wisconsin Honors Band

  • Middle School Dance

News Nest - Fall 2016


  • New News Team - Advisor Mr. Bakke

  • World Dairy Expo - Izzi Mason and Megan Culpitt

  • Scenic Coulee Tackle Football - Aiden Cook

  • NHD vs. 20% Projects - Haleigh Ritter

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