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Camp Cashton: 3 Great Places to get In-Tents

We may be biased, but we think the Driftless region is a pretty awesome place to go camping. With so much scenic Driftless beauty, you won't be disappointed! journey out towards Cashton for some spectacular camping venues...

Leon Valley Campground

Featuring both campsites and cabin rentals, Leon Valley Campground is a great place to explore. The campground includes an inground heated pool, access to hiking trails, a game room, and more! Visit Leon Valley Campground's website to learn more about their great location!

camping in Leon Wisconsin near Cashton
Find yourself among the pines at Leon Valley Campground!

Justin Trails Resort

Don't let the name "resort" fool you: Justin Trails in offers amazing experiences for campers! Tent sites, cabin camping, and authentic Tipi camping are all options at Justin Trails Resort. With a variety of specials and activities, a camping experience at Justin Trails is one that visitors won't soon forget! Visit their website to learn more.

Camp in a teepee in Cashton WI
Authentic Tipi camping at Justin Trails Resort, an unforgettable experience!

Wildcat Mountain State Park

No list of Driftless camping would be complete without including Wildcat Mountain State Park. Minutes from Cashton, this State Park offers a range of camping experiences in an incredibly beautiful setting. Canoe out to a primitive campsite on the Kickapoo River, drive up to a site at the family campground, haul your gear out to a more remote cart-in campsite, or bring a group and use the group facilities! There are also twenty four sites available for horse camping within the park. See the full list of amenities here.

Camp at Wildcat Mountain State Park
Wildcat Mountain State Park offers tons of activities for campeers: hiking, horsebakc riding, canoeing, and more!

What is your favorite place to camp near Cashton, Wisconsin? Comment below! We'd love to hear your best Driftless camping stories.

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