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History of Cashton Bottling Works


By Michael L. Hansen

Cashton wisconsin downtown bottling works
View of the Cashton Bottling Works, courtesy of the Michael L. Hansen Photo Collection

Early records show that Charles Skaten ran a beer and soda bottling plant in Cashton ca 1900.

Owners and managers:

Charles Skaten -

Emil Volkman - 1902

Emil Olson - 1903

Peter H. Justinger - 1906

Walter Lord - 1910

David McKee - 1916

Sam McKee, manager - 1916

Oscar Olson - 1921

Reuben Aarstad & Clinton Hall - 1928

Joe Bethauser & Leonard Rudolph - 1930


Emil Olson moves Cashton Bottling Works from Skaten building to the Dolan building in 1904. The Skaten building was on the Main Street property currently L & A Designs. The Dolan building was on the corner of Main street and Broadway Street currently a parking lot.

Peter Justinger ran the Bottling Works on Front Street currently Thrive Wellness and Styles on Front Hair Salon location. The Justinger building was built in 1901, where the Justingers ran a mercantile store.

Walter Lord moved the Bottling Works to the Sletto building in 1910.

Oscar Olson moved the Bottling Works from the McKee Building to the Cashton Monument building in 1922. The Monument building was located on Front Street where in present day is the High School parking lot.

Thank you to Mike Hansen for his history expertise! Do you have a Cashton history question? Reach out to us! We would love to explore our village history with you in a future blog post.

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