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Life Hacks for Cashton, WI

Every town has their own little hacks for making life easier, and Cashton is no different! Recently, some new residents pointed out a few "Cashton Life Hacks" that made a difference in their lives. Maybe you already knew these, or maybe they will rock your world too! Read on to learn some favorite Cashton Life Hacks...

recycle in cashton wisconsin
Free recyclable pick up on Wednesday mornings!

1. Put your recyclables on the curb for pick up on Wednesday mornings. Whether or not you use the Villages garbage pick-up service, you can leave properly sorted recycling out for free pick up on Wednesdays. Read recyclable sorting guidelines here.

disc golf in cashton wi
Get your frisbee golf fix in the Village Park!

2. Play Disc Golf in the Village Park. For some reason, the Disc Golf park goes a bit unnoticed by newcomers to our Village. The course is a great way to get some exercise and spend time outdoors! It also doubles as "home field" for Cross Country meets. With winter approaching, The Pines becomes a cross country ski destination! Read more about The Pines Disc Golf course here.

organic maple syrup
Shop the Maple Valley Retail Store in Cashton!

3. Shop at Maple Valley Cooperative at 919 Front Street. For those who love awesome organic maple syrup or Viroqua's Kickapoo Coffee beans, this is a game changer! Maple Valley offers a range of sizes of their delicious organic maple syrup products, as well as a selection of Kickapoo Coffee beans and other delights. You can shop Maple Valley's retail store 8am-4pm Monday-Friday.

doctors in cashton wi
Scenic Bluffs Health Center offers a full range of services and education

4. Do all the things at Scenic Bluffs Health Center. Scenic Bluffs accepts many insurance carriers and offers a full range of medical, dental, chiropractic, behavioral health, health education and pharmacy services across the lifespan – from newborns to seniors. Quality care, right in town. Questions? Learn more here!

Organic Valley Cashton Retail Store
Shop for organic products right in Cashton!

5. Shop green at the Organic Valley Retail Store. Tucked in the Cashton Office Building (or COB) on the Organic Valley Campus in Cashton you will find an organic shopping destination. The Organic Valley Retail Store is open to the public and provides an array of organic, eco-friendly, and locally produced products. Dairy, meat, produce, and household necessities are all available. Learn about the Organic Valley Retail Store here.

6. Save green at the Cashton Cupboard and Closet. The Cashton Cupboard and Closet is a food pantry and thrift store that is open 10am-4pm Monday-Friday. Anyone can shop or make donations at the thrift shop! Clothing, household items, toys, shoes, and even furniture are available for sale. Those in need of a three-day supply of food can utilize the food pantry, no income questions asked. Learn more about Cashton Cupboard and Closet here.

Cashton Cupboard & Closet
Thrifty shopping at the Cupboard and Closet supports community members!

7. Take your yard waste to the Community Compost Pile. Brush, trees, and other yard waste can be brought to the lot on Fred Street behind the Elementary School. Residents can bring their own yard waste to this lot year round and free of charge. Just another great way to keep the Village looking spiffy!

Cashton Community Compost Pile
Residents can haul their yard waste to the community compost pile of Fred Street

What is your favorite Cashton Life Hack? Comment below!

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