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Starting a business in Cashton, Wisconsin

Are you a "want-repreneur"? A want-repreneur is a person who wants to become an entrepreneur. Do you fit that description? Are you thinking of starting a business in Cashton, Wisconsin?

These resources aren't just for start-ups, however: new and existing businesses are always welcome to make use of these great connections in our region.

Local Business Owners Group

"We are an informal group of local business owners, community members, entrepreneurs, and "want"-repreneurs. We meet regularly to network, catch up, and develop creative solutions to problems faced by the business community."

All are welcome to get involved with the Cashton Area Business Group. From promoting locals to #shopsmall to helping each other cross promote businesses and events, this relaxed group is a great place to get involved and ask questions. Learn more about this supportive, creative group here.


"CO.STARTERS is a 9-week program that equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the insights, relationships, and tools needed to turn business ideas into action. You’ll get everything you need to get started, minus the MBA-speak." -Coulee.Co

Exciting news for businesses in the Cashton Area: in 2019 we will host our first ever session of CO.STARTERS. This 9-week course (aka a "Co-Hort") will take place at the Cashton Community Hall. Dates are to be determined. Learn more about CO.STARTERS here or contact us (ask for Carolyn Zick) with any questions!

Village Resources

Reading up on local ordinances and codes can offer a lot of insight as to legal requirements of your potential business. If you have questions, direct them to the Village Office. You may also find the 2014 Local Business Survey conducted in Cashton useful when planning your new venture.

Tools for all Businesses

"Thriving, growing, and inclusive: Cashton has much to offer new, existing, and expanding businesses."

Resources galore on this webpage for Cashton area businesses! Learn about grants, loans, business banking, commercial properties for sale, as well as local printing options for all your marketing needs.

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