Come On Down to Our Village

Some students from the 4th grade class wrote persuasive essays detailing the many reasons to visit Cashton, Wisconsin. The post that follows is 100% student work: read on to see why Cashton is a great place to visit according to Brady W!

Family first in Cashton WI, a great place to live!
"But the best thing about Cashton I have heard people say is the friendship is great." -Brady W

Visiting Cashton

By: Brady W.

Even though Cashton is small, you can still visit here. There are places to eat, activities to play and watch, attractions, and stores to shop. The people here are also friendly. So come on down to our village.


There are many attractions and activities in Cashton, Wisconsin. Sporting events are big attractions including baseball, football, softball, basketball, volleyball, cross country, wrestling, and track and field. Hunting is also an attraction. The parks are an attraction that many people play at. Some people come to Cashton to run the Fall Fest 5k run or the Dandelion Dash. You could go shopping for flowers or go to the Amish. You could take a walk on the sidewalks and explore. You could bring you relativies on a vacation if you live in the big city. If your kid or somebody likes tractors in your family, bring them to the high school for the tractor show. We have a lot of foreign exchange students. Fall Fest is a great time to come for parades.


Many people come to Cashton to shop. You can go to the Amish that sell candy, rugs, flowers, and furniture. Hundt Implement or Portland Implement is a good place to shop for farming needs. Pasture Pride Cheese has many varieties of cheese to buy. They have food at Hansen’s IGA. You can shop at Central Express. You can go to Organic Valley for your Organic needs. Mitby’s TV and Appliance is a good place to buy your appliances. Ray’s Gas and Goodies is a place to get gas and some snacks. Premier Co-op is a good place to get feed for your animal needs. Nana’s Farmhouse has a variety of homemade pillows, quilts, woodwork, and decorations. You can also go to Cashton Building Supply for your wood products needs.


Did you know there are places to eat in Cashton? Badger Crossing has a great selection of food. If you want fast food, go to Bobby John’s or you can just sit, eat, talk, and hangout. You can also eat at Central Express. Ray’s Gas and Goodies is a good place to grab a snack and take it home.


There are many things in Cashton. There are places to eat, sports to watch, and items to buy. But the best thing about Cashton I have heard people say is the friendship is great. There is always something happening in Cashton.

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