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Cashton is a great place to visit

Some students from the 4th grade class wrote persuasive essays detailing the many reasons to visit Cashton, Wisconsin. The post that follows is 100% student work: read on to see why Cashton is a great place to visit according to Owen V!

The Pine Disc Golf Course in Cashton WI
"You can play disc golf at the Cashton Park." -Owen V

Visit Cashton

By: Owen V

You should visit Cashton because there are many things to do there such as shopping, sporting events, and eating at restaurants.


In the springtime there many Amish greenhouses around Cashton. They also sell produce. Lind’s Home Center is a hardware store for a variety of tools and materials. The IGA has all the groceries you need. IGA has produce and dairy. There are a lot of building supplies at the Cashton Building Supply. Central Express is a great place to eat pizza.


Cashton has a lot of sports like football, baseball, softball, cross country, basketball, and archery. They are very fun to watch. They are also good. You can play disc golf at the Cashton Park.


There are a lot of events in Cashton like Fall Fest with a medal hunt and other prizes, Live On Main with many bands and food, and SCTF (Scenic Coulee Tackle Football) for young players to learn football. They are all fun events that you can take your family to. They are fun to participate in.

Cashton is a great place to visit. There are a lot of attractions. It can be very fun.

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