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I Am Hoping to See You Here

Some students from the 4th grade class wrote persuasive essays detailing the many reasons to visit Cashton, Wisconsin. The post that follows is 100% student work: read on to see why Cashton is a great place to visit according to Parker M!

Cashton Fall Fest Parade
"One really popular event people usually go to is Fall Fest." -Parker M.

Why Should You Visit Cashton?

By: Parker M.

There are many reasons why you should visit Cashton. Cashton is a small town with plenty of country and spots where you can find nature. There are also many places in Cashton to visit. During the year, there many activities that you can go to. There also restaurants that you can eat at. So why should you visit Cashton? Here are some reasons why.


There are many places that you can go shopping in Cashton. For instance, you could go to the Amish greenhouses to get flowers, fruits, and vegetables. You can also get furniture and many other things like candy and quilts from the Amish. Pasture Pride has many kinds of cheese to buy like their award-winning Juusto cheese. You could also go to Mitby's Tv and Appliance where you can buy many appliances like a new TV. If you would want to visit somewhere where they sell groceries, just go to Hansen’s IGA. Also if you just want to get something to snack on you could go to Central Express where they have candy, soda, chips, and many more things. There is one more place that you can go you could visit and that is Ray’s Gas and Goodies to get gas and other snacks. You could also go to the Cashton Cupboard and Closet to get low prices on many things that you might want like shirts, pants, shoes, toys, and glasses that you can drink out of. Those are a many of places that you could visit in Cashton.


During the year, there are many activities that you could go to. One really popular event people usually go to is Fall Fest. During Fall Fest people usually go the parade to listen to the band play their instruments, march down the road, and get a bag full of candy, but mostly just to have fun. There is also a 5k run/walk. In the Fall, there are many football games to go to. You could also watch the youth football teams play Scenic Coulee Tackle Football (SCTF). Don’t forget that you could also go to the Dandelion Dash in the spring. There are other sports like softball, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, cross country, baseball, and track and field. May I suggest that you could go to the Color Run during Fall Fest. If you want to relax, you can go to the park. There are still many more activities that you could visit in Cashton.


There are many restaurants to visit in Cashton. One of the most popular restaurants in Cashton is Badger Crossing where their menu has a variety of foods. Another one where people like to visit is Bobby John’s where people like to eat, talk, and hang out. People also go to Central Express to get like pizza or something fast and go outside and eat lunch on a picnic table. Another one that you pick from is Grandma's Bakery to get cookies and yummy baked goods. There may not be many restaurants in Cashton, but the ones that are in Cashton are some of the best!

Even though Cashton is a small community there are many reasons that you should visit it. You can come to see the country. There are also many shopping places to choose from. Restaurants are also a big deal in Cashton because of the food they make. One last reason people come to Cashton if for the activities. There many reasons that you should visit Cashton. I am hoping to see you here in Cashton.

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