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Cashton Might Just surprise you

Some students from the 4th grade class wrote persuasive essays detailing the many reasons to visit Cashton, Wisconsin. The post that follows is 100% student work: read on to see why Cashton is a great place to visit according to Phoebe S!

Amish Lifestyle in Cashton, WI
"Want a place to visit? Tired of the big cities and all the traffic jams? Well I have the place for you!" -Phoebe S

Visiting Cashton

By: Phoebe S.

Want a place to visit? Tired of the big cities and all the traffic jams? Well I have the place for you! Cashton is a small village, with many attractions. We have stores, parks, restaurants, and a lot of activities! Cashton has many beautiful sights to see as well! Just take a look at all the fields of flowers and cattle, look at all the animals around, too! Sound great? Well, it sure is! Stop by for a visit at Cashton, Wisconsin.


Cashton has many shopping places to go to! There are many Amish stores to go to. There is also a grocery store called Hansen's IGA. We’re even getting a dollar store being added in, too! We have a selection of things at Cashton Cupboard and Closet. Sometimes there are even garage sales around the neighborhood, too!


Here in Cashton we have a lot of restaurants. There is Central Express, where not only can you shop, but you can eat too! There is also a Bobby Johns, and a Badger Crossing! If you’re looking for some sweets, there is always the Bakery!!! Lastly, if you’re wanting some dairy to remember Cashton by, come to Pasture Pride where you can find yourself some nice cheese.


You ready for some fun? Why not take part in our many activities here in Cashton while you’re on your visit! There are three parks here in Cashton. One is the Elementary School Park, which has a track connected to it! There is another Elementary School Park, which is a lot smaller, though. There is also the Cashton Park that has a baseball area, and other sports areas to play in, too! It's also huge and has two playgrounds and shelters and two bathrooms and a water fountain!! In Cashton, there is also a Dandelion Dash here! Don't forget about the parades and the hunting and fishing to do as well!

Now that you've heard about Cashton, are you ready to come for a visit? Cashton might just surprise you on how friendly the people are here and how much everyone knows each other. You would probably enjoy it right? Well, we hope to see you here in Cashton. Cashton, Wisconsin.

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