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Why Visit Cashton?

Some students from the 4th grade class wrote persuasive essays detailing the many reasons to visit Cashton, Wisconsin. The post that follows is 100% student work: read on to see why Cashton is a great place to visit according to Trent K!

Sports bring Cashton, WI community members together
"Cashton has eight different sports offered through the school or the rec program." -Trent K

Why Visit Cashton?

By Trent K.

Visiting can be a good way to learn about a new place.


In Cashton there are a few places to shop like Hansen's I.G.A., Pasture Pride and Central Express. Hansen’s I.G.A is a place where you can get groceries and drinks. Pasture Pride is where you you can buy cheese, and Central Express is a place in Cashton where you can get gas, candy, Wisconsin lottery tickets, live bait, pizza, and more.


In Cashton there are a few activities like sports. Cashton has eight different sports offered through the school or the rec program. Those sports include football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, track and field, and cross country. Other community activities are most known are Fall Fest, Dandelion Dash, and Live on Main. Live on Main is a newer event with concerts that last two days. Fall Fest has a big parade and rides included.


There are three main places you can go to get food. The most well-known restaurant in Cashton that people that visit is Badger Crossing. Two more that people try are Bobby John’s and Central Express because of the pizza. Those are some reasons people come to Cashton.

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