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Guest Post: Camping at Wildcat Mountain by Robby Degraff

Today we are featuring a blog post by Robby Degraff who visited Wildcat Mountain State Park earlier this year. Robby writes about State Parks, world travel, and more on his blog We are delighted to share this perspective on the natural treasure located in Cashton's backyard.

camping near chaston wi
Camping at Wildcat Mountain State Park

After a successful first go at posting campsite photos from Nelson Dewey State Park, let's head a bit more towards the center of the state, still deep in the Driftless Area, to Wildcat Mountain State Park. What an adventure this park was, located in deep swooping hills and full of hiking trails that take to remote areas that will no doubt, have you questioning if you're still in Wisconsin. Wildcat Mountain has a few electric sites, traditional car camping sites, and several hike-to sites tucked away in the woods. The park is open year-round for camping, so winter campers, give this place a shot. All the photos below, are of what I think are the best sites you should consider when pulling the trigger on that reservation. I stayed at campsite 120, the last photo with the kayak in it, and enjoyed some solitude. For reference, this is a full map of the campground. Make a reservation at Wildcat Mountain. Stay tuned for more campsite photos from more state parks. I hope you too, get out and explore this wonderful place. Cheers, Robby

Campsite 5 at wildcat mountains state park

campsite 6 at wildcat mountain state park

camping in cashton wi wildcat mountain state park

campsite 15 at wildcat mountian in cashton

site 27 wildcat mountian state park

wildcat mountin site 110

camping around cashton wi wildcat

driftless wisconsin camping state park

wildcat mountain campsite 119

wildcat mountain state park near chaton wi

Have you camped at any of these sites? Which one is your favorite? Comment below, and be sure to visit Robby's website for more great camping information.

Want more outdoors fun in Cashton? Visit our Explore Nature page for tons of great ways to get outside!

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